Firearms Education & Training

“Shooting for Survival”


The primary mission of RHK Strategies is to train our clients for survival, creating the ultimate mindset.  When defending yourself and your family is paramount, RHK Strategies provides professional, reality-based firearms education and training to clients who wish to obtain optimum proficiency and maintain a high level of performance.  We provide basic and advanced shooting fundamentals in a safe, secure, and controlled environment to prepare clients for high stress situations, allowing them to feel confident with their firearms.

RHK Strategies provides solid firearms training utilizing a step-by-step progression system that focuses on different areas of each client’s skillset.  Through the use of stages, RHK identifies each individuals knowledge base and level of skill, and continues to increase those levels.


To create a generation of clients who are educated, responsible, and confident in their firearms skills, to defend themselves and their families in an ever-changing, combustible world..